Bel and the Beasts: The Motivation Behind the Graphic Novel

If you like comics, graphic novels or fantasy stories, this is for you.


It’s the fall of 2016. Caracas is grayish as its storm clouds. The phone rings loudly, almost like a thunder, but it’s the news what devastates me: my grandmother just passed away.

I feel shaken and shattered to tiny pieces of disbelief. I barely eat, I scarcely sleep and if you ask me, I feel like I’m playing tug-o-war with a merciless giant and I always lose.

But it doesn’t end there.

Winter of 2016 is relentless. I wave goodbye to my dearest friends, one by one, each plane is a new grief. News of tragic accidents reaches me. Car crashes; bike crashes. My country and even the whole world seem to be crashing against an invisible wall while we all gaze and wonder how to make sense of such lunacy.

Crippling depression invades me, I want to give up. I’m tired, but I fight it the only way I know.

I write a story.

Bel and the beasts is a series of fully illustrated, fully colored graphic novels. It tells the story of Isabel, a Venezuelan girl who decides to stand against the god of death after she loses everything.

But, it will not be easy; it never is. There’s always a price to be paid.

In this fantasy world, two powerful factions are about to enter a war, older gods walk the earth, superheroes are villains and everyone you come across could be a goddamn beast.

Bel and the beasts is a story about you as much as it’s about me. It touches on themes of Loss and grief, anger and guilt. The pain of leaving home and everything you held so dear. The journey and its perils, the journey and its allies.

The in-betweens of rights and wrongs in which we somehow manage to find tiny moments of joy.

If you like fantasy. If you like comics, or if you have recently lost someone or something, then this story is for you. We made this for you. We are eager to share this with the world because we believe that no matter how dreary the journey looks, there’s always a way out.



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